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Sun protection tips for Athletes and Sports Spectators

While many of us remember sun protection when heading to the beach or outdoor swimming pool, we sometimes forget when it comes to participating in or attending a sporting event. Sun protection is easy and should be a part of your healthy lifestyle. Here are a few tips.

Time of Day

Try to schedule your sporting activities or training before 11am or after 4pm if possible. Be aware that people watching sports are often out in the sun longer than athletes and through parts of the day when the sun is strongest, extra precaution should be taken. (noon to 2pm)


Seek shade from trees, awnings or buildings wherever possible. If there is little shade at a sporting event, bring your own shade such as an umbrella or portable tent. Ask your club committee to consider building a shade structure or planting shade trees.


Wear clothing that covers as much of your skin as possible. Choose tightly-woven materials that are light and cool, such as cotton or lightweight synthetics. Shirts with collars help protect your neck. Wear a wide brimmed hatDon’t forget to apply sunscreen on the face, neck and ears if wearing a baseball cap. Wear sunglasses. 100% UV protection, wraparounds are best.


Apply a broad spectrum, SPF 30 or higher sunscreen.Reapply after vigorous activity or sweating. Choose a water resistant sunscreen if you are in the water or will be sweating. Don’t forget to use an SPF 30 or higher lip balm.

Information from Canadian Dermatology association:

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