Sports Therapy

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Sports Therapy

Our physical therapists have years of experience in managing sports-related injuries with cutting-edge, evidence care. The ability to work with injured athletes of all ages requires a special approach.

Typically, the goals of an injured athlete are to return them to the sport they love in the shortest possible time. An athletic injury recovery is different from traditional injury recovery. A traditional injury recovery goal may be to have less pain and return to regular activities like work, or leisure.

It takes knowledge and experience to take an athlete beyond the traditional baseline recovery and back to full performance. We work together with an athlete’s entire support system to ensure the quickest and safest return to their sport. We also understand the limits of traditional insurance in limiting coverage for athletes to only return to baseline function. The insurance companies often fail to recognize the need for an athlete to return to peak performance. It is for cases like this that we offer very affordable, self-pay options.

Unique Services

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Unique treatment plans to facilitate effective injury recovery.

Sports Therapy

We're experts in managing sports-related injuries with cutting-edge, evidence care. 

Spine Program

Research protocol based course for chronic spine pain recovery.

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Including treatments for BPPV, Vestibular Hypofunction, Dizziness, Balance Disorders, and Post-Concussion Syndromes.

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